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Redditch Co-operative Homes (RCH) manages nearly 300 properties in Redditch to suit varied needs, from young single people and families to older retired people. 

Originally part of the Accord Group, RCH is now a division of Accord Housing Association – a single business offering consistent services, improved communication and better value for money. Visit the main Accord website to discover how our innovation makes a difference and how our commitment to our communities is at the heart of everything we do.

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Breedon Housing Co-operative covers the Lakeside area of the town, also formerly known as Breedon. Lakeside is part of the Lodge Park ward. The co-operative currently manages 56 properties that are concentrated on three schemes. Breedon Gardens is a development of 33 two-bedroom bungalows that are suitable for tenants over 60 years of age. Margaret Llewelyn Davies Close is a development of two, three and four-bedroom homes. There are 12 properties to rent and eight shared ownership units. In addition, the Co-operative manages three bought properties in the area. The properties are suitable for households with children.


Pioneer Housing Co-operative’s area roughly covers the Batchley and Central electoral wards of Redditch. Batchley ward is comprised of a large council estate. Central ward covers Smallwood, Mayfields and the town centre. The co-operative currently manages 74 properties, mostly circling the town centre. The main management areas are Pioneer Close, Union Street, Honeychurch Close and Stallard Gardens. There are also a small number of bought properties in the Batchley area and a proposed two-unit development for Mayfields. The co-operative has a number of properties in Pioneer Close, Honeychurch Close, Union Street, Stallard Close and Parsons Road, as well as a number of two and three-bedroom properties scattered around Batchley.

Redditch Co-operative 2000

Redditch Co-operative 2000 covers the area of the town that does not neatly fall into a neighbourhood co-operative. The area covers part or all of Church Hill, Lodge Park, Greenlands, Headless Cross, Oakenshaw and West wards of the town. The co-operative’s scheme is centred around the Ran Tan Island and Greenlands, although the co-operative also manages a significant number of properties in Church Hill. It currently manages 76 properties, of which 16 are shared ownership. Most of the properties are found on Yarr Mill Close, Hedgerows Close and Forest View. Redditch Co-operative 2000 also manages 15 other properties, 11 being in the Church Hill area.


Riverside Housing Co-operative’s lettings area roughly covers the Riverside and Abbeydale area of the town. The area is part of the Abbey ward. Riverside’s scheme is Sunningdale Close, although the Co-operative hopes to expand into new developments on the other side of the Birmingham Road. There is also one bought property in the area. Sunningdale Close consists of five two-bedroom houses and 16 one-bedroom apartments. The Co-operative also manages a three-bedroom house in the Abbeydale area.


Winyates Co-operative roughly covers the Winyates and Matchborough areas of the town. The Co-operative currently manages 57 properties in an area home to approximately 14,650 people. The co-operative’s main scheme is currently focused around Holyoakes Close and Walton Close. Holyoakes Close is made up of 28 homes. This consists of 10 one-bedroom properties, 17 two-bedroom houses and one bungalow designed for a person with disabilities. In addition, the Co-operative manages 10 properties in the Winyates and Matchborough areas. 

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